The INM Group team has accumulated a lot of experience in the installation of solar modules and has worked on various projects, including large-scale solar collector installations and smaller, private house projects. We understand the benefits of renewable energy and the importance of adopting sustainable practices and are committed to making a positive impact on the environment through our work. The enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication of our team will help, design and implement your wishes!

The company grew quickly and established itself in commercial construction. Today, we continue to strive for perfection, working only with the highest quality equipment and tools. Our employees are constantly improving their professional qualifications.

Our employees are what make us unique. We provide our employees with a safe environment that supports professional growth and development. Every employee is valued and everyone's opinion is heard.

We strongly believe in giving our employees a voice. Various company events are organized for our teams in order to ensure maximum productivity, engagement and competence raising.

Our team is experienced and will do all the work quickly and efficiently.

By choosing us, you will receive reliable and high-quality solar power installation services.

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